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Reuniting You & Your Money

For a typical American family of four, the average monthly medical cost now exceeds the median monthly mortgage payment.*

For most people, premiums paid plus lost earnings on those premiums, over a forty-year career will nearly equal the limit of the coverage.  This helps explain why, in many jurisdictions, the plans are licensed as pre-paid health care, not insurance.  Pre-paid healthcare?  Why not pre-pay taxes or groceries?

Frankly, many folks can be just as healthy, and own another house, with the healthcare dollars they currently spend.  This is another eroding factor that we will seek to recapture.

*Source:  The 2008 Milliman Medical Index (MMI).  The MMI estimates the total annual medical costs in 2008 for a typical American family of four at $15,609.  For further information visit  The median monthly mortgage payment of $1057 was obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau 2007 American Community Survey, Selected Housing Characteristics which included a sample of 51,615,003 owner-occupied homes with a mortgage.




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