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Reuniting You & Your Money

As a delivery system for convenient snacks, vending machines are fine.  As a delivery system for financial strategies, products and advice that determine your future – the vending machine approach is not working so well.

We need to change our approach.  Instead of being a consumer, a maker of payments, a source of labor, view yourself as a for-profit entity.  Instead of grocery shopping, take a professional approach, like that of a physician.  Before any medical products are purchased, a doctor must complete an examination, obtain test results, diagnose the problem and only then is a prescription given.  To do otherwise is malpractice.  

Step 1  First Meeting

We will provide an introduction and overview of our upscale approach and capabilities.

Step 2  Review Your Present Position

We will meet to review your information, taking time to understand your Present Position, thinking and direction.  Reviewed documents will be organized and returned to you in a custom cherry-wood file box that will be yours to use.  The files are specially designed to help you coordinate and integrate your financial decisions.

Step 3  Evaluation of Your Opportunities

WealthStream™ will evaluate your Present Position and report back to you with our findings.  

Step 4  Strategy Sessions – Its Not Magic.  It Just Feels Like Magic.

You will not be asked to take money out of your current lifestyle.  You will not be asked to raise your current level of risk.  We integrate and coordinate money decisions to help you better understand money – how it works, how to potentially grow it better, and how to protect it from taxes, inflation, market fluctuations, hidden expenses and other eroding factors.  There is more money in the elimination of eroding of eroding factors than there is in hoping to find the “right” investment.  The nice thing about this approach is that the money already exists.

Step 5  Periodic Reviews

 We will maintain the role of Macro Manager for your financial wellbeing.  We will meet with you on a regular basis to review and modify, when necessary, to reflect any changes in your financial status.


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