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Reuniting You & Your Money
Retain Income

You know how to MAKE money – KEEPING it, is another matter.

Only after a client's financial world is organized and protected can we tackle the important task of focusing their resources to help them achieve their life's objectives. Rejecting high-risk/high reward fallacies, we create possibilities for our clients that deliver low risk / high reward. Cost recovery and the elimination or reduction of Eroding Factors is our first area of focus.

When we begin our work together, a majority of our clients have between three and twelve errors in their Present Position, each of which, over time, could have reduced their net worth by an amount about equal to their annual income.

There is more money in the elimination of eroding factors than there is in hoping to find a speculative investment at the “right” place and “right” time. The nice thing about this approach is that the money already exists.


Retain Income